Timon of Athens AnandaDrama
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Timon of Athens

For its first entry to the Shakespeare Drama Competition, the young cast and directors of the ACDC chose one of the most obscure and difficult plays in the Shakespeare canon: the very rarely performed Timon of Athens. The play focuses on the disillusionment of Timon, an Athenian who forsakes the world after seeing through the falsity of his associates.


Seeking to cause  a stir in the  competition, the ACDC’s production featured the innovative juxtaposition of a heavy metal soundtrack and other modern elements in a period setting to highlight the timelessness of Shakespeare. The production achieved its objective: the judges praised its bravery and the audience enjoyed the show. The ACDC’s journey had begun.


Ishtartha Wellaboda

Rajitha Hettiarachchi

Kanil Kandalama

Anupa Wicrkamarachchi

Harshana Molligoda

Charendra Dahanayaka

Yashodha Suriyapperuma

Muditha Mahindaratne

Kemiya Kodituwakku

Sajith Bandara

Navodh Pituwela

Tumal Karunaratne

Eraj Gunawardana

Dilshan Sampath

Directed by

Nishantha de Silva

Ranoj Kurukulasuriya


Stage Management

Muditha Mahindaratne