Macbeth 2010 AnandaDrama
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In 2010, the ACDC executed its most daring, perhaps even slightly crazy, plan to date: it staged two Shakespeare plays in the space of four weeks! An influx of many new students had boosted the cast tremendously, and the creative team was strengthened with the entry of two of the ACDC’s oldest members (now past pupils) as Assistant Directors. The team decided to prepare the senior cast to stage Macbeth within two weeks for the Inter School Shakespeare Drama Competition.


After editing the script anew to focus more on the relationship between Macbeth and his Lady, the ACDC revamped the play as a minimalist psychological drama. Though it did not enter the final of the competition, the production galvanised the youngsters in the junior cast to practice even harder for the Cambridge-Trinity-Alethea Competition a few weeks away.


Eraj Gunawardana

Ashan Gamage

Tharkana Kulatunga

Chathusha Wijenayaka

Prashan Gamage

Sithija Thewahettige

Bhashana Wijeykoon

Lithmal Jayawardene

Madura Wijeratne

Chirantha Kolonne

Gihan Dileepa

Laleesha Sumanapala

Thilina Udayaratne

Directed by

Nishantha de Silva


Assisted by

Ishtartha Wellaboda

Rajitha Hettiarachchi