Macbeth AnandaDrama
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For its sophomore effort, the ACDC staged a stylised and atmospheric production of one of Shakespeare’s most celebrated tragedies, Macbeth. The performance was appreciated by the audience for its intensity and its raw depiction of the evil forces that precipitated the downfall of a brave soldier who sought to seize the crown.


Yashodha Suriyapperuma was nominated as Best Actor for his portrayal of Lady Macbeth. The production is widely held to have narrowly missed out on entering the finals of that year’s competition. However, the staging of the play at school later in the year catapulted the ACDC to fame amongst the students and brought it many new members.


Ishtartha Wellaboda

Rajitha Hettiarachchi

Charendra Dahanayaka

Yashodha Suriyapperuma

Harshana Molligoda

Muditha Mahindaratne

Birendra Herath

Tumal Karunaratne

Eraj Gunawardana

Sajith Bandara

Navodh Pituwela

Ashan Gamage

Kithmina Hewage

Dilshan Kottegoda

Suwin Karunaratne

Kaushalya Batawala

Chandula Padmasiri

Directed by

Nishantha de Silva