He's Been Writing AnandaDrama
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He’s Been Writing

By the time Royal Drama Comp 2012 came along, the young Assistant Directors of the ACDC, Ishtartha Wellaboda and Rajitha Hettiarachchi had graduated to being Directors, and Nishantha took a sabbatical from directing after having guided the Drama Circle for five years. Rajitha and Ishi decided that the ACDC should continue submitting original plays for the Royal Drama Comp, and came up with their own script in the style of a psychological murder mystery.


The play was initially performed at the Ananda Abhiman 125th Anniversary Exhibition, and then extensively fine-tuned in the lead up to the competition. The judges and the discerning audience members of were greatly appreciative of the play’s novelty and ingenuity. The production emerged 2nd Runners Up, with Lithmal Jayawardhana winning the award for the Best Supporting Actor.


Vinu Wijemanne

Lithmal Jayawardene

Kaveesha Kaluarachchi

Chathura Amaratunga

Dinul Doluweera

Rakitha Seneviratne

Ravin Hettiarachchi

Thilina Udayaratne

Lakshitha Edirisinghe

Yasith Ubeysekara

Minul Muhandiramge

Gavin Ranasinghe

Maneesha Uduwana

Pasindu Herath

Sasitha Hansaka

Binal Wijegunawardena

Maneesha Liyandapatabendi

Directed by

Rajitha Hettiarachchi

Ishtartha Wellaboda